miks ma armastan oma eriala? vol 2

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Sest meil toimuvad seminarid selliste tekstide arutamiseks:

The dance of sex: If one had no other reason for choosing to subscribe to Freud, what could be more charming than to believe that the whole vaudeville of the world, the entire dizzy circus of history, is but a fancy mating dance? That dictators burn Jews and businessmen vote Republican, that helmsmen steer ships and ladies play bridge, that girls study grammar and boys engineering all at the behest of the Absolute Genital? When the synthesizing mood is upon one, what is more soothing than to assert that this one simple yen of humankind, poor little coitus, alone gives rise to cities and monasteries, paragraphs and poems, foot races and battle tactics, metaphysics and hydroponics, trade unions and universities? Who would not delight in telling some extragalactic tourist, “On our planet, sir, males and females copulate. Moreover, they enjoy copulating. But for various reasons they cannot do this whenever, whereever, and with whomever they choose. Hence all this running around that you observe. Hence the world”? A therapeutic notion! (John Barth)


Written by michiko

Neljapäev, mai 13, 2010 kell 10:03

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  1. Tänud John Barthi tsitaadi eest. Yks parimaid ja suht vaimukamaid selleteemaliste hulgas. Võibolla kasutan ära kunagi mõnes oma kirjutises.

    Mõtted ise pole muidugi ei uued ega originaalsed tal (kui juba lobisemiseks läks siin) ning lisaks kõigele ka eba-adekvaatsed, kui panna inimkond kogu eluslooduse konteksti. Paraku ei tunta piisavalt bioloogiat ja sellest ka seesugused arutelud ja yldistused alates Freudist juba.

    Tegelikult ei saa ykski loom kopuleerida millal iganes, kus iganes ja kellega iganes. See ei ole sugugi ainult inimkonnale omane piirang või veidrus. Inimkond suhteliselt noore liigina alles imestab selle yle.


    Reede, mai 14, 2010 at 4:26

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