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I wanted to say that only Frank can sing that they can’t take that away, because from me they already have, but.. then I realized the obvious. I had missed the most important part of  all of it. Yes, the way you hold your knife. The way you like the way I sip my tea. The way we singed about us imaginarily dancing till three, the way I sing off key, no, no, it’s the memory of all that what they can’t take away from me. The way we haunted each others dreams, the way we ended our phone calls in the evening not with good night, darling, but instead till we meet again in our dreams, i’ll wait you up in that corner somewhere in our reverie, my love. No they can’t take that away from me.. we may never never meet again on that bumpy road to love, but I’ll always, always, always keep the memory of the way you changed my life.

When I was seventeen… it was a very good year.


Written by michiko

Laupäev, jaanuar 31, 2009 kell 1:32

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